52.219-16 Lump sum damages – subcontracting plan. To search for information in section 52.301, use the built-in “Search Page” function of your browser. You can access it with Ctrl + F on Windows or â + F on macOS. 52.209-6 Protection of government interests by subcontracting to contractors who have been excluded, suspended or proposed to the exclusion. 52.226-5 Restrictions on subcontracting outside the disaster or emergency zone. 52.215-22 Restrictions on transmission costs – Identification of the subcontracting effort. 52.203-6 Restrictions on the sale of subcontractors to the government. 52.219-14 Restrictions on subcontracting. (See note 2.) 52.215-12 Cost or price data certified by subcontractors. 52.223-12 Maintenance, maintenance, repair or disposal of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems. 52.209-3 Approval of the first item – review by the contractor.

By default, the eCFR is displayed with split and indented paragraphs to follow the document hierarchy (ÂEnhanced Displayâ). This is an automated process that is for convenience only and is not intended to change the intent of the agency or the existing codification. . 52.226-3 Representation of disaster or emergency areas. 52.214-27 Discount for incorrect certified cost or price data – Changes – Sealed auctions. . 52.226-1 Use of Indian organizations and Indian companies. 52.214-19 Procurement – Sealed Call for Tenders – Construction. 52.225-19 Contract personnel in a designated area of operation or assistance to a diplomatic or consular mission outside the United States. 52.203-8 Cancellation, withdrawal and recovery of funds due to illegal or inappropriate activities. The FAR matrix is not ported to the CFR.

It is available in the loose-leaf edition. The page`s table of contents is only available when multiple sections are displayed. Dismantling, demolition or removal of improvements. 52.223-2 Affirmative procurement of bio-based products under service and construction contracts. . 52.222-49 Labour standards for service contracts – place of performance unknown. 52.222-56 Certification for the Human Trafficking Compliance Plan. 52.204-9 Verification of the personal identity of the contractor`s personnel. 52.204-16 Coded reports for commercial and government agencies. 52.216-23 Execution and commencement of work. (See note 1.) 52.223-11 Ozone-depleting substances and fluorocarbons with high global warming potential. .

52.203-18, Prohibition of contracts with companies that require certain internal confidentiality agreements or a representation statement. 52.215-9 Changes or additions to the Make or Buy program. 52.222-4 Contractual hours of work and safety standards – overtime pay. . 52.217-4 Evaluation of options exercised at the time of contract award. 52.225-25 Prohibition of contracts with companies carrying out certain activities or transactions related to Iran – Representation and certifications 52.222-33 Announcement of the requirement of a project employment contract. 52.226-2 Historical representation of Black colleges or universities and minority institutions. 52.219-11 Special Conditions 8(a) Terms and Conditions. (See note 2.) 52.209-5 Certification of liability. 52.225-20 Prohibition of restricted business activities in Sudan – Certification. 52.213-4 Terms and conditions – Simplified acquisitions (excluding commercial items).

. . . 52.211-7 Alternatives to single Crown standards. 52.215-18 Cancellation or adjustment of post-retirement benefit (LRP) plans, excluding pensions. 52,215-15 pension adjustments and asset conversions. 52.203-11 Certification and disclosure of payments to influence certain federal transactions. 52.222-13 Compliance with wage rate requirements for construction work and related regulations. 52.222-5 Requirements for all construction wages – Secondary workplace. 52.225-3 Buy American – Free Trade Agreement – Israeli Trade Law. 52.212-1 Instructions to Suppliers – Commercial Goods.

52.215-17 Waiver of facilities Capital cost of money. 52.204-23Terms of hardware, software and contractual services developed or provided by Kaspersky Lab and other relevant organizations. 52.219-29 Announcement of set-aside for economically disadvantaged small businesses owned by women or the allocation of individual sources. 52.222-42 Establishment of corresponding rates for federal recruitment. 52.211-10 Start, follow-up and completion of work. 52.222-1 Notice to the Government on Labour Disputes. . The eCFR also offers a “Drawing Display” where the paragraphs displayed correspond to the original text of the CFR. If you work for a federal agency, you should use “draft mode” when drafting a wording change to be included in the federal registry. 52.223-9 Estimated percentage of material recovered for EPA-designated products. 52.223-5 Pollution prevention and the right to information.

52.215-3 Request for information or invitation for planning purposes. . . . 52.223-18 Encouraging Contractor Policies to Prohibit Text Messages While Driving 52.225-26 Contractors performing private security functions outside the United States. . 52.212-3 Supplier Representations and Certifications – Commercial Items. 52.222-46 Evaluation of the remuneration of professional workers. . 52.209-13 Violation of arms control treaties or agreements – Certification 52.211-15 Defence allocation priorities and requirements. 52.216-29 T&M/LH Quotation Requirements – Acquisition of Non-Commercial Items with Reasonable Price Competition 52.215-20 Requirements for certified cost or price data and data other than certified cost or price data.

. 52.211-14 Notification of priority assessment of national defence, emergency preparedness and energy use programs. . 52.225-14 Inconsistency between the English version and the translation of the contract. 52.204-4 Printing or copy of both sides on post-consumer fibre paper. 52.222-23 Opinion on the commitment to positive action to ensure equal employment opportunities in the construction industry. 52.222-27 Positive Action Compliance Requirements for Construction. 52.227-10 Filing of patent applications – Classified subject matter. . 52.203-17 Rights of whistleblowers of contract employees and the obligation to inform employees of whistleblower rights. 52.219-3 Announcement of the HUBZone Set-Aside or Sole Source price. Simplified procurement procedures (excluding micro-purchases) 52.204-19 Inclusion by reference to representations and certifications.

52,222 to 20 contracts for materials, supplies, articles and equipment over $15,000. 52.223-22 Disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions and reduction targets Presentation 52.216-2 Economic price adjustment – standard deliveries. 52.225-10 Notice of Purchase American Requirement – Building Materials. 52.227-11 Patent rights – ownership of the contractor. 52 216-28 Several awards for consulting and assistance services. 52.204-15 Reporting requirements for service contracts in the case of supply contracts of indefinite duration. 52.226-6 Promotion of surplus food donations to non-profit organizations. 52.222-55 Minimum wage according to Presidential Decree 13658. 52.225-13 Restrictions on certain foreign purchases.

52.216-17 Revision of incentive prices – Consecutive targets. 52.219-28 Representation of the Small Business Program after the award is presented. [48 FR 42478, 19 September 1983, amended to 62 FR 40239, 25 July 1997]. 52.211-1 Availability of specifications listed in the GSA Index of Federal Specifications, Standards and Commercial Item Descriptions, FPMR Part 101-29. Is the constitution authorized by reference? (See FAR 52.102) 52.217-7 Option for an increased quantity – items with separate price. 52.225-21 Mandatory Use of U.S. Steel and Industrial Products – Purchase of U.S. Law – Building Materials. 52.222-24 Evaluation of equal opportunities in the field. 52.214-34 Submission of tenders in English. 52.222-43 An Act respecting fair labour standards and labour standards on service contracts – Price adjustment (multi-year and optional contracts).