Role of a teacher in the organization of programme activities 1. The teacher must be a good planner so that the different activities can be carried out systematically throughout the year. 2.It should be the teacher`s duty to give the child more and more opportunities while performing extracurricular activities. 3.The teacher must act as an innovator by introducing innovative programmes. 4. The teacher must be a good organizer so that the students experience it to the fullest. 5. He should also act as a director, recorder, evaluator, manager, decision-maker, consultant, motivator, communicator, coordinator so that the student and child can get a maximum of finer aspects of extracurricular activities Nice article that I have to say, but the definition of extracurricular seems to be that of extracurricular. Extracurricular activities are intended to complement curriculum activities conducted during school hours, while extracurricular activities are conducted outside of school hours and are not related to the program. But they benefit students individually, even if it has nothing to do with the curriculum. Learn how the CCA Strategic Partnership (SP-CCA) offers high school students the opportunity to pursue a CCA that their schools do not offer. Juhuu In my opinion, we cannot say that extracurricular activities are organized after school hours. Because today, all schools carry out activities different from their subjects.

They consider an important part of their curriculum. Therefore, we can define extracurricular activities “All those additional activities that do not care about academic education and help with the general development of a child”. Is CCA also important in high school? CCA can become an important part of your high school life, helping you not only learn new skills, but also build your portfolio. Any high school student can enroll in a CCA of sports, uniformed groups, clubs and societies, visual arts and performing arts. Extracurricular activities are the real and practical experiences that students receive. It helps students make careers in business, commerce, mathematics, accounting, nutrition, etc. To a greater extent, theoretical knowledge is enhanced when a relevant extracurricular activity related to the content taught in class is organized. The intellectual aspects of the personality are carried out exclusively by the classroom, while aesthetic development, character building, spiritual growth, physical growth, moral values, creativity, etc. be supported by extracurricular activities.

It helps to develop coordination, adaptation, fluidity, extemporal expressions, etc. in students at the school and college levels. If you are good at extracurricular activities, topics such as business and economics can be easily dealt with. Also Read: Retail Careers. Please share the content of extracurricular activities in the management of the school.. Education is important to everyone and when adorned with extracurricular activities at school, it has the potential not only to lead you to success, but also to give your personality a complete metamorphosis and radiate an aura of intellectual. At Leverage Edu, we strive to improve the lives of students by setting the right direction for their careers. Our experts help hundreds of students each year make their journey to the best education in the world and have an impeccable record of helping students achieve their dream careers. Book a free 30-minute consultation with us and let us be part of your success. As a CCA director at a prestigious school, this was a very useful article for me and beneficial for the students and the school itself.

Thank you very much. The definition in the section states: “These activities are organized after school, so they are called extracurricular activities.” Extracurricular activities play a vital role in a student`s life, as they play an important role in improving the learning process at school, making it more engaging and fun. Extracurricular activities are also important in school, as they equip students with social skills, moral values, and facilitate personality development, intellectual skills development, and character development. Extracurricular activities, which give students a break from routine classroom work, encourage students to think creatively while covering the course curriculum. Whether you`re applying for graduate school or applying for a job, extracurricular activities are an important part of your resume. The current education system in India focuses on the inclusion of extracurricular activities in schools. Examples of these activities can be math clubs, mock exams, chess clubs, spelling bees, debates, school newspapers, talent shows, writing contests, etc. Extracurricular activities at school may vary from school to school, but the primary goal of equipping students with creative learning and helping them explore their inner potential while fostering civilized behavior within them remains the same. Activities considered extracurricular are often done outside of school.

Activities may include music, gymnastics, dance, sports and other competitions. Although the two things are very different, their role in the overall development of the personality is indistinguishable. Extracurricular and extracurricular activities strengthen students` learning experience and develop leadership skills within them. Learn how the LEAPS 2.0 framework supports the holistic development of high school students` life skills, competencies and values. These activities are organized after school hours, hence the name extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities have a broad horizon to do justice to the cultural, social and aesthetic development of the child. Sir, it`s beautiful. I also follow the activities of the cca program in our school jai Bharati public school grastanganj Most of the schools in their schedule include topics such as physical education, art, work experience. Could we consider these topics as extracurricular topics? To put it simply, extracurricular activities are activities that complement face-to-face schooling. .